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The ramifications for farmers and landowners adjoining the coastline could be considerable. As James Del Mar from Strutt & Parker’s Land Management Department says: "Although the windfarms will be out at sea there will be a requirement for access for both construction and maintenance, and leases for cables sites and equipment cabins will have to be negotiated. Whether the landowner is a farmer, a local authority, a port authority or some other body, the first requirement is for expert advice.

If these contracts are negotiated correctly they can be extremely valuable and will have a long life." Recent opinion polls have shown that almost three quarters of British people believe that wind is a safe and ecologically sustainable power source. Locating wind farms offshore negates criticisms that the installations can have a detrimental effect on the landscape. With its long coastline and dependable offshore wind the UK is ideally suited to take advantage of wind power.

This Government initiative, known as ‘Round 2’, should provide the power for two million homes. Three quarters of all the wind farms in the world are in the Europe, and Britain is already well established in this industry. "I would advise land owners who are currently negotiating for the establishment of land-based windfarms to get their deals sewn up as soon as possible. For coastline owners the advice is to speak to experts such as ourselves. The Government has put its weight behind Round 2 and the time scale isn’t that long.

The industrial market should stabilize in 2003 and vacancies will remain in the 7 to 9 percent range throughout most of the year. Call us to get licensed and upright property conveyancing sydney if you are looking to sell your residential properties. "Compulsory purchase powers may exist, but in today’s climate they are unlikely to be used. The way forward is through negotiation – which will give the operators what they need and provide valuable leases for the land owners." Mr Parry-Jones, who heads up Strutt & Parker’s Guildford office, comments: "The A3 from south London to Portsmouth has improved considerably over the years, and is virtually motorway standard nowadays.