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"Around 500,000 signatures have been collected for presentation to the Government - a major publicity assault is being planned around the event."Property Council Queensland Executive Director, Ross Elliott, and ACSC (Qld) Chairman Stephen Bridges are right on top of the situation and doing a great job communicating with the Government at the highest levels.

Throughout the campaign the Property Council has never lost sight of our policy and priority - Sunday trading. That remains our goal in Queensland and elsewhere. These proposals are contained in a document released today to the Property Council (without consultation) and retailer groups by the WA Government Minister for Fair Trading, Cheryl Edwards

"The Government claims to be targeting 'cowboy' operators in small centres. " This undermines a fundamental principle of property rights and is being opposed strongly and publicly by the Property Council. It also contradicts the commitments given to us by the Attorney General, who has responsibility for this area. you can without a lot of a stretch discover humble or moderate conveyancers on the web.

"Property Council President (SA), Peter Kennedy, is meeting with the Premier today to oppose this ill-considered move." Following intense lobbying, Cheryl Edwards, the Minister for Fair Trading in WA, has given the Property Council an undertaking that further consultation will take place with stakeholders before proceeding with proposed legislative changes.

The Minister today released a "Green Bill" as the basis for consultation with the Property Council and other retail industry stakeholders. The next issue for shopping centre owners in Queensland is Sunday trading. We will keep you posted."

This issue is too important to this State to rush bad law through Parliament without adequate consultation with the affected parties. With the vacancy rate at a low of 5-6% in the downtown sector, this demand for space has increased average rental rates to approximately $25.00 for class A buildings and $20.00 for class B buildings. "We pointed out to the Government that no other State or Territory imposed these kinds of restrictions on the management of shopping centres."