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The threat here is for additional harsh amendments to Trade Practices legislation resulting in less flexibility for shopping centre owners and vexatious litigation during lease renewal negotiations. The Property Council and a number of our senior members (shopping centre owners) will also present a strong case on your behalf face to face with the MPs later this year at a public hearing.

The current Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into Fair Trading has the potential to impact on all lessee/lesser relationships. "However, the Committee is primarily interested in retail leases, particularly those in shopping centres, as well as the franchising, petroleum and motor trades industries." Many of the 150 submissions, including the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), are demanding more onerous provisions be added to the Trade Practices Act. The decision to wind back trading hours in Queensland or maintain the extended hours in place since 1994 is likely to be announced by the Queensland Government at the end of October.

"Our efforts to maintain pressure on the Government will continue right down to the wire. The Property Council has formed a powerful alliance with the peak retailer group, Retailers Association of Queensland (RAQ), Tourism Council of Australia and Queensland Consumers Association - a jointly signed letter to the Premier called on him not to restrict trading hours. The reliably commonplace web what conveyancer do to transfer property in Melbourne gets the more competition geniuses are run up against with.

Major retailers used their supermarkets and department stores as collection depots for tens of thousands of signatures in support , chambers of commerce and tourism bodies. "A sophisticated public relations campaign has reinforced the Property Council's submission and opinion polls commissioned from the AGB McNair group. "

Our campaign was right on track until the media reported the Queensland Premier talking about winding back trading hours contrary to the recommendations of the Knox Report. This intervention by the Premier prompted us to run a full page advertising campaign to leave no doubt in the Government's mind that major stakeholders and consumers were committed to more flexible trading hours.