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"Supermarkets are moving out of regional and larger centres because shoppers are becoming reluctant to shop for groceries in very large centres." They go to the larger centres for leisure activities and don't want to have to struggle through crowds and large car parks with shopping trolleys," says Revell.

Triplecee's centres are in country or outer metropolitan areas. In NSW, the centres are located in Goulburn, Taree, Lismore and Black town According to Revell they are going "astronomically well" with some centres recording turnover increases over the previous year in excess of 18 per cent. Your conveyancing specialist ought to inquire as to whether the property you're offering is freehold or leasehold. Despite this.

The average increase in turnover has been around eight per cent. Revell says the change is simply part of the natural evolution of retailing in Australia. "The enormous increase in the number of women in the workforce means that convenience is the main priority." "In a convenience centre the average visit would be around one and a half hours, whereas for the regional it is three hours.".

"Customers go to the convenience centre primarily to purchase food and will go to other specialty shops such as a chemist or newsagent." These centres are replacing the old strip centres and regionals, which are becoming more leisure oriented, are replacing the CBD. To some extent the CBD is also coming back to life as well," says Revell.

a major prop of the nation's retirement savings with an estimated $30 billion committed to shopping centres by superannuation funds and property trusts on behalf of nine million Australians; and On this one in a thousand New Years Eve there will be much to anticipate with excitement and, perhaps, a touch of fear. The first thing to worry about will be the Y2K bug. Will we and the electronic systems we depend on so much take it all in our stride without so much as a blip on our screens, or will we be plunged into darkness?